International Student Lunch Series - The Aussie Nature Workshop

International Student Lunch Series - The Aussie Nature Workshop

Office of Student Life

Join us for a unique workshop designed to ensure your safety in Australia's diverse climate. This workshop will provide essential insights into beach, bush, and sun safety, empowering you to navigate Australia's natural wonders with confidence.

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What's Included:

  • Beach Preparedness: Dive into beach safety essentials, covering everything from beach etiquette to understanding rip currents. Ensure your aquatic adventures are both enjoyable and secure.

  • Bush Awareness: Explore the enchanting Australian bush while mastering safety measures. Learn about wildlife encounters, trail navigation, and responsible outdoor exploration..

  • Sun Safety: Uncover sun safety tips, from choosing the right sunscreen to staying hydrated, ensuring a sun-smart experience.

The information session will be followed by a free lunch where you can network and engage with your peers.