Listening to Earth

Listening to Earth

A unique, must-do experience this Welcome Week is Listening to Earth, a sensory sound and video installation that invites audiences to listen and connect to their environment through sound. Free and open to the public from Tuesday 13th February - Sunday 18th February, during museum opening hours. 

Created by sound artist Diana Chester, composer Damien Ricketson and lighting/visual artist Fausto BrusamolinoListening to Earth explores the vibrational interplay between the sea and the land. The Sustainability Team invites you to immerse yourself in Listening to Earth this Welcome Week at Chau Chak Wing Museum. Escape the crowds and connect with the environment, through a unique sensory experience intended to facilitate audiences hearing the earth in ways that sit beyond their usual modes of perception. The work engages with environmental concerns by positioning the earth as a store of vibrational memory and stories that, via an experience of heightened attentiveness, we may learn to better understand what it has to say. The installation will be open from Tuesday 13th February - Sunday 18th February during museum opening hours, participants are encouraged to attend at any time, for as long as they like. 

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