Bachelor of Veterinary Biology/DVM & Camden Campus Orientation

Bachelor of Veterinary Biology/DVM & Camden Campus Orientation

Faculty of Science

Welcome to the Faculty of Science!

Did you know that we have a campus in Camden to teach veterinary science and agriculture students? As a student studying in these areas, you'll have access to extensive network of farms, research units and clinics.

Join us for this all-day adventure: we'll bus out to Camden from our Camperdown Campus where we'll show you some of the farms and facilities that will be available to you. Learn more about when you'll need to start coming out to Camden, where your classes will be, what you need to bring and more! 

As part of this day, you'll also meet your Course Coordinator for an overview of your degree to help you understand what the next 6 years will look like. Learn everything you need to know about your course components and all the requirements you need to tick off before you can graduate. What are the core units you have to do? What are my options for majors and minors in this degree?  We'll cover all this and more!

Please note, this Orientation is for students enrolled in the Bachelor of Veterinary Biology/Doctor of Veterinary Medicine


Additional Information:

Please note, this Degree Orientation is located on Camden Campus. If you intend to meet the group at Camden, further information will be provided to you post-registration about meeting time and exact location