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Cupcake Break

Cupcake Break

Office of Student Life


Treat yourself to some time out from study at our Cupcake Break event, hosted by your Peer Support Advisors (PSAs)!


What to expect:

  • Free cupcake decorating 
  • A chance to rest and recharge during the study break
  • Friendly and helpful PSAs available to answer your questions in the lead-up to exams


We look forward to seeing you there!



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Terms & Conditions

  • This event is for current University of Sydney students only. Student ID cards will be checked upon arrival. 
  • Each student must book their own ticket - there is a booking limit of one (1) ticket per Student ID.
  • Liability Disclaimer: The Peer Support Advisors are facilitating this event, however they are not responsible for ensuring the safety of participants.
  • Photo Disclaimer: Photos may be taken at this event. If you wish to opt-out of this or be sent any photos that may be published please let the PSA know on the day or email us before the event at