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Zero Waste Workshop - Paper Making

Zero Waste Workshop - Paper Making

Student Life Grants

Learn to make your own paper in this fun workshop! This workshop will seamlessly merge craft and creativity with sustainable waste management principles. Experience a blend of history and hands-on experience, by learning the age-old mould and deckle technique. While rooted in tradition, this craft also underscores the importance of sustainable practices in today's world. And it produces beautiful handmade paper that we can give a personal touch with elements like scents, dried flowers, seeds, and little imperfections!

We'd appreciate it if attendees could bring along paper scraps from home. Old notes, cardboard, coloured paper or egg cartons from home to divert the waste from landfill and give it a new life!

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👉This event has been funded by the Student Life Grants Program from the Office of Student Life. Learn more about applying for a grant via this link!