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Symposium: 100+ years of global connections

Symposium: 100+ years of global connections

Office of Student Life, Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association (SUPRA)

The Symposium welcomes current students, staff, and alumni with an interest in international student matters to gather and collaborate. Throughout the event, both presenters and attendees will exchange valuable insights and experiences, all with the goal of enriching the broader international student experience and building stronger bonds within the University of Sydney community.

The Symposium will run as a one-day in-person event at the Michael Spence Building.


Symposium full program

If you would like to attend the whole day, please select the morning and an afternoon session.  Please note, the afternoon session will be split up into two rooms, with each panel covering different topics. Please select which room you would like to attend depending on the topics mentioned in the program. 

Morning session (9:00am - 1:00pm)

  • Speech from student representatives
  • Global Alumni Session — bringing together past and current Usyd international students
  • Speech from Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Student Life)
  • Keynote speeches by:
    • University of Sydney Historian| Professor of History | Julia Horne
    • The Chair of the Usyd International House Council | Gregory A. Houseman FRS.
  • Lunch Break (lunch provided)

Afternoon session panel discussions (1:00pm - 4:30pm):

Room 1

  • 1pm – 2:30pm:
    • Diversity, equality and wellbeing
  • 3pm – 4:30pm:
    • From students to residents: work and life in Australia after university
  • Networking Session (canapès and drinks provided)

Room 2

  • 1pm – 2:30pm:
    • Researching in a higher education context in Australia
  • 3pm – 4:30pm:
    • Learning and teaching in a culturally diverse environment in Australia.
  • Networking Session (canapès and drinks provided)

Networking event (4:30pm - 7:30pm)

Drinks and canapés will be provided while you have the opportunity to network with other students, staff and alumni of the University. You will also be invited to participate in a tour of the 100+ years of global connections art exhibition.


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