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Zero Waste Workshop: DIY Compost Bins and Worm Farming

Zero Waste Workshop: DIY Compost Bins and Worm Farming

Student Life Grants

The USYD Community garden is happy to host the first ever Community Compost day. Please bring in food and paper scraps from home and learn about how to better manage household waste.


During this workshop we will cover why composting is critical to a zero waste future and learn about 3 different composting methods:

Worm Farming, Bokashi Composting, and Aerobic Composting.


We'll also supply materials to build your own compost bin based on what suits your situation best!


We will be running multiple sessions at around 20 minutes per session so please feel free to drop in and make some friends when you have the time!


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👉This event has been funded by the Student Life Grants Program from the Office of Student Life. Learn more about applying for a grant via this link!

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