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Leading in a Post-Crisis World (LPC)

Leading in a Post-Crisis World (LPC)

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Leading in a Post-Crisis World (LPC) is a series of opportunities you can undertake across the course of your degree to empower you to solve future challenges in collaboration with your peers, world-class academics, and industry leaders.

You'll receive formal recognition of your participation through our badging program and stand out from your peers, armed with a unique set of skills and experiences to succeed in the post-crisis job market.


The program will equip you with:

  • The skills to turn disruption and crisis into career opportunities.
  • Experience in designing innovative solutions to the challenges faced by business, the economy, and society in a post-crisis world.
  • Local and global insights from leading academic and industry experts.
  • Valuable social and professional connections with fellow students, academics, alumni and industry partners.


A glimpse of our Intracurricular and extracurricular activities

  • Global Challenges and Global Leaders features a prominent business leader, who has reacted to and thrived during a crisis situation.
  • Research Connections allows you to engage with the provocative ideas being generated by cutting-edge researchers and practitioners to hear first-hand how things are changing in the world.
  • Leadership for Good series is a panel focused seminar that deals with leaders’ reaction to crises from different perspectives discussing how they used their leadership capabilities to navigate the crisis.
  • Leadership Legacy Showcase where a panel of local industry leaders talk about their experiences, Pitch workshops and more!


You can participate in the program even if you can’t find time in your subjects this semester. We will run two workshops for any students who wish to participate. They will give you a chance to see what the LPC units of study offer and provide valuable information on presenting and beginning your leadership legacy.


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