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Business Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) Program

Business Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) Program

Business School


Registrations for Semester 2 will open 9 am, Monday 31 July 2023.
PASS sessions will begin in Week 2 of semester, Monday 7 August.
Click here to register for PASS.


PASS involves weekly hour-long sessions where you work in groups of 10 to 16 students to answer specially prepared activities and problem questions, based around a unit of study you’re enrolled in.

PASS doesn’t re-teach or deliver new content. It’s an opportunity to reinforce key points from lecture and tutorial materials while applying your skills to solve problem questions. The atmosphere of the sessions is relaxed, friendly and low-pressure and you’re encouraged to ask questions and raise concerns with content.

Sessions are led by trained PASS facilitators, who recently excelled in the same unit of study. The facilitator doesn’t re-teach lecture material, but rather guides group interaction and problem solving.

You work interactively with your peers, benefiting not only from group learning but also from the recent experience of your facilitator. As a peer group, generally you decide what is covered in each session. That way, PASS directly responds to your needs and feedback.


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