Maths Networking & Course Advice Brunch

Maths Networking & Course Advice Brunch

Student Life Grants

USYD’s Women and Diverse Genders in Maths Society, or WAMSOC, is super excited to be hosting their annual WELCOME BRUNCH to welcome new and current students to explore all that maths at USYD has to offer.

Our brunch will start with general course advice where female or gender diverse academics from the School of Maths & Stats, Economics and Physics will present on exciting maths-related fields and potential courses 🤩. Following we’ll have a Q&A with questions you submit, so pop anything and everything you want to ask our academics in your submission form. This section of the event will also be available via Zoom for those unable to join us in person. We will then have a FREE catered and casual brunch 🧁 where you’ll be able to network and meet new friends that you may be studying with this semester.

WAMSOC, wants to build a community of all students who love maths, no matter what you are studying, and hope that with this event you can meet new friends, find that study buddy you’ve been looking for and get excited to enjoy uni, especially maths, this semester! 😆 Looking forward to seeing you there!! 🥰

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👉This project has been funded by the Student Life Grants Program from the Office of Student Life. Learn more about applying for a grant via this link!