Managing your Supervisor with Hugh Kearns

Managing your Supervisor with Hugh Kearns

Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association (SUPRA)

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The relationship you have with your supervisor will have a huge bearing on your HDR experience. This is why the SUPRA HDR Equity Network has teamed up with ithinkwell to present: 'Managing your Supervisor with Hugh Kearns.'


New PhD and Masters students tend to assume that it is the supervisor’s responsibility to manage the relationship and can tend to be a bit passive. However, it is your Research Degree, and you need to be active in the supervisory relationship. Supervisors are usually overworked, under a lot of pressure and like all of us, are not perfect. As a research student you need to have some strategies to work effectively with your supervisor. 

In this workshop you will learn: 

  • How to deal with different supervisory styles 
  • Differing expectations 
  • How to use meetings to help you make progress 
  • Asking for and dealing with feedback 
  • Dealing with difficult situations 


Date:     28/03/2023

Time:   1-3pm

Target:     Any research student 

Duration:  2 hours 

Format:    Via Zoom

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