Community Seed Swap

Community Seed Swap

Student Life Grants

Join us to celebrate the opening of the University's new community seed library! 🌻 The Community Seed Swap will be a beginner-friendly workshop where participants can learn how to start plants from seed. 🌱 The workshop will cover how to save seeds, store and label them, as well as when and how to select and start plants to grow from seeds.

🌿 We will be sowing out seeds on the day for students to take home and grow into beautiful new plants. Plus, we'll be making seed bombs with native Australian seeds to help re-wild our urban landscape! 🌸🌺

The community seed library is a new student-led initiative to build a more resilient and sustainable future by preserving and sharing locally-grown seeds. The library will keep and maintain heirloom seed varieties that are well-suited to growing in the local climate. If you're already a keen gardener and have successfully propagated seeds, we'd love you to bring them along to contribute to the library!

🌞 Please keep in mind that this event will be held outdoors - in case of rain we would recommend a rain jacket or poncho, and for a sunny day we would recommend sunscreen, a hat, and water bottle. To keep up with details about the event or to get in touch with the workshop leaders, feel free to follow/message on Instagram for any questions you have or for help with directions!

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👉This project has been funded by the Student Life Grants Program from the Office of Student Life. Learn more about applying for a grant via this link!