Faculty of Science - Commencing Student Transition Program

Faculty of Science - Commencing Student Transition Program

Faculty of Science

The transition from high school to university is incredibly exciting! But, it is also a big change and sometimes it can be a little confusing. The Faculty of Science's Commencing Student Transition Program is designed to help you transition to university life as smoothly as possible by allowing you to talk to the students who have been through it before and the staff who will run your courses.

Available both in-person and online, this program will begin with a School Welcome delivered by the key staff that will be facilitating your first year units followed by activities that will allow you to meet your new peers and some older students currently studying your chosen major/stream. If you are attending in person, a complimentary lunch will be provided along with a scavenger hunt (with prizes of course) to help you get to know the Camperdown campus! 

The information you will need and the experiences you will have throughout university will depend on the major and/or stream you have chosen to study. For this reason, we have set up a Transition Program for each group of majors (Mathematics, Statistics and Data Science; Physics; Chemistry; Life and Environmental Sciences (SOLES); Geosciences; History and Philosophy of Science; and Psychology), as well as the Medical Science and Health streams. It is likely that you will have chosen either a major and a minor or two majors when enrolling in your degree. If this is the case, it is up to you which major you choose to attend the transition program for, but it is recommended that you only attend one program session. If you are enrolled in either the Medical Science or Health stream, it is recommended that you attend the program session for your stream, regardless of the major you are enrolled in.

If you are not sure which group your major falls into, you can take a look at the corresponding page below

These transition programs also give you a taste of what it is like to be mentored by an older student in your major. Having a mentor is an excellent way for you to accelerate your transition to university and to start to build a network of peers that can help you through your degree. The Faculty of Science offers a semester long Undergraduate Peer Mentoring program where you will have access not only to a mentor group, but also social and educational events to help you throughout your first semester. If you would like to be a part of the Science Undergraduate Peer Mentoring program, please record your interest when registering for this event.

Additional Information:

Please note, unlike other events, the in-person and online sessions will have different activities to allow students in both session types to have the best experience. Please make sure to choose the session type that best suits you.